Frinton Festival 2016 comments


The Frinton Festival has enriched my life.


"Across the fields" was outstanding.....lovely to hear talented and young musicians in such a special setting.


The Family Concert was a triumph.

The Family Concert last night... a host of young, superb musicians with a lively and entertaining programme that everyone was uplifted by. The children from the three schools were so well cared for and encouraged by your was great to see them contributing to such a professional event.


Saturday afternoon was a great occasion and to think we nearly missed it. We met lots of people, some local, some from north Essex and some from further afield. Some staying with relatives, some with friends and some staying elsewhere. 


I wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the scale of the Frinton Festival. It's such a feat of logistics...Wonderful concert yesterday at St Marys. So many instruments. Really special. Have downloaded “Carnival of Animals” for the car. Would happily download “Riddle me this” if it were available.  An incredible success.


We thought the festival was brilliant, especially the second concert at the" Homestead", which was very moving. We do appreciate all the hard work you put into it - the planning, the programmes, the musicians...


“Isn’t there a lovely atmosphere here?” (overheard at the “Homestead”)


What a successful concert series it must have been, judging from what we heard prior to Sunday.  (My sister) had no idea that cellos could do so much or sound so good together, I told her that many of them can’t and don’t! Everyone in the family really enjoyed the concerts on Sunday.  What a terrific programme for the final concert...


I attended the last concert and thoroughly enjoyed it.


Just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed all the events we were able to go to.  They were fantastic and such a treat. The programming and the way you involved so many parts of the community was inspirational. I met several people who said they had never been to a concert before. 


Thank you for all the good music at Frinton this year, it was a very rich and enjoyable festival, and also so good to have had a few days by the sea...All in all it was such a staggering amount of repertoire presented in only a few days - and also so much new and good music.


Thank you very much for a wonderful weekend of music in and around Frinton and all the hard work you put in to making everything go so smoothly and successfully. There have been so many encouraging comments made and even the sun shone.


I really find it difficult to thank you enough for all that you have done to deliver another excellent Festival to Frinton and the area last weekend. There were so many highlights to remember. It is equally difficult to measure the success which this will bring to so many performers, including particularly Frinton and London school children, and of course, some very grateful and impressed audiences in Frinton and Great Holland.


Congratulations on an outstanding Festival. Fantastic!


Many thanks and congratulations to all on a fantastic weekend of music!


I attended four concerts and all were amazing, professional and so much talent and great wine.


from Frinton Festival helpers:

Thoroughly enjoyed the day & being part of the Frinton Festival and hope we can help again next year.

I have enjoyed being able to make a small contribution to the 2016 Festival and would be happy to be involved again. I hope that the Festival was successful overall...


about the free printed programmes:

You've attended to every detail from thanking so many for their contributions to the events, to giving insight into works performed. It comes across as an expression of the heart within; personal, friendly, informative, and engaging.


from a Frinton Festival sponsor:

Thank you for all you and your family are doing for Frinton


some 2016 Frinton Festival musicians wrote:

THANK YOU for inviting me to join you all today. I had such a brilliant time and am only wishing I could have stayed longer! What a stunning evening it's turned into...all the very best for the remainder of the festival tomorrow - I have no doubt it will continue to be an enriching and joyful experience for all involved.

Thanks for the gig, really enjoyed it. Lovely house!

Was a huge pleasure to take part, as always!!

I wanted to congratulate you on a terrific achievement at the weekend. You have certainly worked your "magic" again and there were a real "buzz"  and so many smiling faces, both young and old (and middle aged, too!) and a number of people spontaneously came up to me and said how lucky they felt to have a festival in Frinton and how happy they were to be there. Never did I possibly imagine that Carnival of the Animals would give me a lump in my throat, but it did just that, seeing everyone having so much fun and especially having those lovely poems, so beautifully read, interwoven with the music.

It was great to be involved in such a fantastic concert, and I have received some very positive comments from some of the children's parents, plus lots from the children themselves! Thank you for inviting us to take part! (Frinton Primary School)