Frinton Festival 2019 comments


Thank you so very much for sponsoring the Barbican Piano Trio to perform an amazing concert for the pupils of our primary school. We experienced a fantastic concert hour of top quality and fully interactive chamber music. Robert, Sophie and James were fantastic with the children and everyone was amazed at the variety of music they played.


The Family Concert this evening was superb...some very talented young people out there!


A very big thank you for the wonderful programmes I have enjoyed during this year’s Festival.


We felt that we had been privileged to watch something rather special last night and it all took place in an ordinary parish church a few doors away from where we live...last night, we were inspired by your Bach cello word, wasn't that monumental effort worth it!


That was a brilliant weekend Robert. Thank you.


Thanks again for a truly inspiring series of concerts. I enjoyed each one so dearly and feel refreshed now in my music making life.


This is just a line to say how much we enjoyed this year's Frinton Festival. We attended all the concerts and, though we go to many concerts in London, we felt so privileged to enjoy the wonderful music at the Festival in such close and intimate surroundings ... it somehow makes it even more special. The organisation is perfect and everyone we spoke to said how "special" the event is. Thank you so much for bringing such richness to Frinton.


Thank you for another weekend of wonderful music. The energy and enthusiasm maintained throughout last night's concert kept me smiling all evening. Altogether another great Frinton Festival. Here's to next year.

Well done. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Especially the Beethoven.


What a fantastic atmosphere, like a Festival Fiesta.  Everyone was enjoying themselves whilst absorbing the well chosen music. The fact there was hardly any distance between the performers and audience added something very special. Three cheers for the Frinton Festival!


Thank you for last night’s music. One of my top experiences. Brilliant.


I just wanted to say once again quite how inspiring this weekend was. We loved every was simply thrilling and it was lovely to be around everyone...simply inspiring and moving. Thank you.


Bravo - for your stunning performance on Friday and for organising such a successful festival - the continues to be a pleasure to be two of your groupies, following players with such togetherness.


Thank you so much for another superb concert this afternoon, Noah’s new work was outstanding.


This year’s Festival was outstanding in every way. The choice of programs, the artists themselves and the behind the scenes organisation...I hope you will use your quite remarkable talents to continue to develop and grow the Festival so that you can further your aim of bringing quality music for young and old to this corner of our island...I look forward to hearing what you are planning for next year!


WOW!! Thank you for a wonderful evening of Bach's music. I have never heard all six suites played at one sitting. Your performance was extremely moving, most inspiring and technically brilliant. I loved your interpretations of each suite and enjoyed the whole performance.


Massive congratulations!


That was a brilliant weekend Robert. Thank you.


We loved the concert it was brilliant the quality of sound and music was amazing and so lovely to have it all in Frinton.


Last night was truly magic, a remarkable performance by all, one we did not want to end. Robert has given us all so much pleasure, and the combination of the best Orchestra and those young talented musicians made us shed several tears!


The festival was absolutely wonderful, with the perfect amount of music and just the right amount of free time between concerts. (My boyfriend) especially appreciated the programming of music that, in his words, he could understand!


Congratulations on another brilliant Frinton Festival. The 6 Suites were a triumph that hopefully you have just about recovered from by now and the Family Concert was staggeringly good. You know, you really have created something wonderful here...


Thank you for doing the concert – it was just amazing and brilliant, and to see those children performing alongside with the orchestra is a thing I don’t think they will ever forget...magic.


It was a real pleasure working with you, the orchestra and Prokofiev. What a truly great piece and a great evening. You did a wonderful job over the four days and I was really proud to be part, in a small way, of those events.


Thank you for that amazing concert in Frinton. The Beethoven was stunning, so rhythmically alive but taut and the tempo of the second movement made complete...and I’ve never heard such a subtle Peter. Such a silky cat. Or noticed how Russian that hunter procession tune is.


We both enjoyed the lecture about cells and Bach very much - it was well presented and very interesting.


Many thanks for arranging for (the LCO) to come to Frinton, for the splendid concert and the generous hospitality, in such a lovely setting.


Concerts like that are the reason I'm still a performing musician.


As you know we are only too happy that you choose All Saints as one of your venues and I know that the people at All Saints enjoy their involvement. Thank you, and thank you for the Frinton Festival.


We enjoyed the concerts we came to so much. I was going to pick a highlight, but that would be impossible!