Frinton Festival 2017 comments

We have just arrived home and felt I had to write to thank and congratulate you on such a wonderful feat of organisation. The concert last night was a truly wonderful event which will linger long in the memory.

Attending the awesome Frinton Festival again this year was such a joy. You have created a really special four day event of superb music/concerts/food/conviviality/friendship. It is very special and I do hope you achieve your aim of getting more along to it — especially those who might for the first time attend any one of the concerts on offer.

Still slightly reeling from that revelatory performance of the (Mozart) C major quintet.

We had excellent feedback from our residents (and staff!) about your performance so thank you very much.  We are grateful to you for including us in your Festival. (Read House)

We came to the concert at the Tennis Club last night and we had a great time. Hopefully next year we may be able to come to more.

Congratulations on your opening concert last night. It went very well and you must be very proud of Noah.

Thank you for a most entertaining concert in the Parish Church.

Wonderful weekend of music, food and wine. Thank you and well done.

Congrats again on the Frinton festival.

Great concert. Noah's trio beautiful. Sure we will hear much more from him.

Many congrats for the weekend...first class!

We thoroughly enjoyed the concerts. As ever, it is such a privilege to hear the Barbican Piano Trio play, and your obvious pleasure in playing Dvorak at Great Holland church was plain for all to see. The Festival ended on a joyous note at the Frinton tennis club giving a wonderful finish to the weekend for all involved.

Please may we have another next year?

It has been such a joy to be at The Frinton Festival and listen to all the wonderful concerts. What an amazing event you all pull together.

The Frinton Festival is a very special event filled with so many wonderful concerts to enjoy along with friendship, kindness and generosity from you all. How lucky it was that there was such good weather to enjoy too. Let it be that more get to know about this wonderful Festival and all that it has to be enjoyed.

Thank you for a wonderful four days of wonderful music to enjoy. We loved hearing you all and also Noah’s and Hugo’s compositions too and to talking with them as well.

I am sitting in the sun in Spain thinking about our wonderful festival. Robert I just want to thank you so much for all your hard work organising the festival. You have done a fantastic job and as far as I know everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank everyone for all their efforts and we all look forward to next year.

Really enjoyed it, well organised!

Thank you for a wonderful concert at All Saints.

Excellent Festival all round.

Thank you for a most enjoyable finish to the evening at the Homestead after a most entertaining concert in the Parish Church.

Thank you so much for a brilliant musical weekend. I managed to get tickets for the Homestead concert for the first time this year and whilst I loved the other concerts and singing in the choir the intimate setting was fabulous. These concerts seem to set up summer in Frinton.